AHL 14: What to expect from EA’s latest NHL game

Well, digital hockey fans, the day is finally here.

EA Sports officially released the newest instalment of its award winning video puck, and American Hockey Blog has had the privilege of having their hands on the game since early in the weekend. So, as our preview for you, we’re letting you know to expect when you fire up the game this season.

After EA’s initial update, you’ll see some shifts in the rosters, but nothing that changes the look of our beloved AHL. [Ed. Note: All ratings and rosters are as they appear in NHL 14.]

First, let’s talk a bit about the team ratings.

The first thing you’ll notice, for better or worse, is the lack of a clearly defined overall for each team, something that certainly saves EA a bit of a headache. However, the change to a star system makes the team ratings a bit muddled, with almost the whole league rated 3/5 stars.

Without further ado, the ratings: Continue reading