HeadshotThe manifestation of this blog is due in large part to the lack of coverage the American Hockey League receives in the hockey blogging community. While there are moments, however brief, in which the AHL receives its due coverage, often times it’s a one-off. Sustained coverage is rare.

The AHL is an extremely interesting league and much more than just a feeder system for the NHL. It’s certainly deserving of a blog. There are players like Darren Haydar, Jason Krog, and Jimmy Roy — to name more recent examples — who have made careers in the AHL. There have also been those who played out the remainder of their time here, and been successful. Mike Keane and Wade Flaherty, teammates for seasons on end in Manitoba with the Moose, were NHL players at length before finding homes for the tail ends of their careers in the AHL.

It’s a league where, more often than not, the jerseys throughout the building aren’t those of the big league affiliates up-and-comers, but instead the hometown hero who has spent years skating with the next generation. To me, that’s what the American Hockey League, and this entire blog, is about. The AHL deserves better, and it should be given it.

In the interest of full disclosure, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that this is going to be a process for myself that may hit a few snags. The blog will need help from the readers, from Twitter followers, and from all sources of social media. The difficulty lies in uncovering and staying on top of stories in a league like the AHL that doesn’t exactly have the breadth of media coverage which we hockey fans get with the NHL. However, we — both you, loyal reader, and I — will build this together and create the one-stop source for news, notes, and original coverage of the American Hockey League.

Welcome to the American Hockey Blog.

– Jared PD Clinton (@JPDClinton)


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