Pack bring back Sonar

Does a mascot coming back to the rink count as a transaction?

The Hartford Wolf Pack announced today that they’re bring back Sonar, the “spirited and cuddly 7-foot, 275-pound” mascot of the Pack.

After an experiment to rename the club the Connecticut Whale failed, the team is going back to its roots with the Wolf Pack. The moniker, which the team had gone by for thirteen seasons until the change in 2013, brings some familiarity back to the AHL. With the change in name, the Wolf Pack will be bringing back their Rangers-style uniforms, and ditching the Pucky the Whale mascot that was used during their seasons as the Connecticut Whale.

According to the release, Sonar is coming back to lead the promotional “The Pack Is Back” Tour, which will get underway on Saturday, July 13.



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